How To Install a Toilet Seat: A Quick and Easy DIY For Beginners

By Mengning Heil

December 17, 2021

Toilet Plumbing Tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes

An old, broken, or stained toilet seat is an eyesore, but a replacement toilet seat instantly improves the look of your bathroom! Learning how to install a toilet seat is a simple home improvement task. This project is perfect for a beginner who is looking for a quick way to upgrade their bathroom without much fuss.

Before You Begin: How To Install a Toilet Seat

The materials that you will need for this project are simple and it’s likely you have a few of the items already on hand. Before you go out and buy a toilet seat replacement, be sure to measure your current toilet for the seat dimensions! For the most part, there are two options of toilet seats: round front and elongated. Round front toilets are just as they sound, closer to a circle shape. Elongated front toilets look more like an oval. In rare cases, a few one-piece toilets have special sizes that need custom parts.

To make absolutely sure you have the right toilet seat type take these three different measurements:

To get the correct toilet seat dimensions you will need to take three different measurements.

  1. The length of the seat
  2. Width of the seat at its widest point
  3. The distance between the bolts that secure the seat.

Once you have those measurements you are ready to go buy your replacement toilet seat. Here is a list of the other materials you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers

You may also want to have lubricating oil close by, but that is optional.

Step by Step: How To Install a Toilet Seat

Once you have gathered your needed materials and purchased the right toilet seat for your particular toilet, you can begin installing the new seat.

Step 1: Remove the old toilet seat. First, locate the seat bolts on the top side of the toilet. These are probably hidden under a plastic cap. Next, unscrew the nuts located on the underside of the toilet. They may also be covered with a plastic cap that will need to be removed. If there is corrosion on the nuts you can use lubricating oil to assist in loosening them. The seat should now come off easily and you can take this opportunity to clean the area.

how to install a toilet seat

Step 2: Place the new toilet seat on top of the toilet base, aligning the seat hinges with the bolt holes. Feed the bolts through the holes and rethread the nut underneath by hand-tightening. Now, using pliers to hold the nut in place, tighten the bolt with a screwdriver until secure.

Step 3: Test your work by lightly trying to wiggle the seat. If it moves too much for your liking continue to tighten the bolts until the seat no longer moves. Finally, replace the plastic nut and bolt covers if applicable.

This completes your project! Enjoy the new look of your clean, sleek bathroom.

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