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3 Ways to Replace Water Shut Off Valve: Plumbing SharkBite, Compression Valve, and ProPress Method [Video]

If you’ve ever had to repair a broken water shut off valve handle, it can seem daunting. In our example today, the valve stem seized up on us, and we are going to cover what a simple handle repair could look like and what it takes if you need to replace a water shut off valve.  We will eventually be

How to Winterize Your Plumbing: 3 Quick Tips To Prevent Winter Woes [Video]

Temperatures across Maryland and the DC area are dropping below freezing and so it’s time for a refresher on how to winterize your plumbing! So when do pipes freeze? As you may already know, your home’s plumbing is especially susceptible to damage when the temperature is below 32 degrees. That’s because when water freezes, it expands. And when the water

How To Remove a Hose Stuck on Spigot in “10 Seconds” [Video]

Is your garden hose stuck on the spigot (aka outdoor faucet or hose bib)? While this is incredibly frustrating, the good news is that this can be a simple DIY project. Click the video below or continue reading to learn how to get a stuck hose off a spigot. Follow These Steps for a Hose Stuck on Spigot Before jumping

2 Fixes for a Garbage Disposal Not Working + What To Do With a Clogged Garbage Disposal [Video]

If you are having issues with your garbage disposal not working try these two tips before calling a professional. Click the video below or continue reading if you think you have a clogged garbage disposal. Garbage Disposal Not Working – Identify and Fix a Jam Before seeking to identify and fix a garbage disposal jam, make sure your garbage disposal

Sink Clog Emergency – How Much Does a Plumber Cost to Unclog a Drain [Video]

Your drain is clogged and your natural at-home remedies aren’t working. You’re in need of a plumber. So, you find yourself asking the question: how much does a plumber cost to unclog a drain. A basic search could give you a range of estimates, but here’s an example of why a plumber may charge $1,600 to unclog an old drain.

When Do Pipes Freeze? 3 Tips to Prevent Pipe Bursting This Spring [Video]

Don’t be deceived by the first warm days after a cold winter. Many states begin to see drastic temperature swings in late winter and early spring. Maryland residents are very familiar with the back and forth of warm sunny days that lead to unexpected snow forecasts before spring fully hits, leading many to wonder: When do pipes freeze? After being

7 Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Spring

The first day of spring brings warmer weather and longer days of sunshine. As you get ready to enjoy the fresh air and budding flowers, you might also be thinking about spring cleaning. This year, while you make plans to dust off shelves and clear out storage areas, you should also remember to inspect your plumbing with our home plumbing

Plumbing Fixture Life Expectancy Guide

Is It Time To Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures? Since your pipes, fixtures, and water-related appliances are the lifeblood of your house, and dependable water is vital to a clean home, you ought to keep track of the age and condition of all major plumbing appliances and components. Is it time to replace your plumbing fixtures? Check out our plumbing fixture

Everything You Need To Know About How To Become a Plumber in Maryland

Are you considering a career as a plumber? In the following article, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to become a plumber in Maryland! There are a number of fantastic reasons to pursue this field of work. First and foremost, plumbers are always in high demand. Second, experienced plumbers nowadays can make anywhere from $30-45 an hour