How To Remove a Hose Stuck on Spigot in “10 Seconds” [Video]

By Mengning Heil

October 14, 2022

Plumbing Tips

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is your garden hose stuck on the spigot (aka outdoor faucet or hose bib)? While this is incredibly frustrating, the good news is that this can be a simple DIY project. Click the video below or continue reading to learn how to get a stuck hose off a spigot.

Follow These Steps for a Hose Stuck on Spigot

Before jumping into our DIY project, we wanted to point out a very common error: using only one pair of pliers or a single wrench. The issue is this: by grabbing the stuck garden hose and attempting to force it loose from the outdoor faucet, you can actually damage the faucet and the pipe behind the wall.

Try this “10-second approach” to getting your hose unstuck instead.

How to Get a Stuck Hose Off a Spigot

  1. Loosen it up by spraying WD-40 around the spigot (or even CLR).
  2. Get two pliers or channel locks – one to loosen the hose fitting and one to hold the spigot (faucet) stationary. Again, this is crucial, so you don’t break the pipe behind the wall.
  3. Take hold of the spigot, while attempting to loosen the hose. This may take a little bit of elbow grease. Note – while the hose should come off, if it doesn’t, we would recommend contacting a local plumber.

Preventing Your Hose From Getting Stuck on the Spigot

Don’t want to have to deal with your hose getting stuck on the spigot again? While you could buy additional parts or upgrade your hose entirely, the easiest fix is to simply take your hose off the spigot every once in a while. If you leave a hose connected year-round the hose fitting can corrode and seize onto the spigot.

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