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Is Hose Water Safe To Drink – Quick Check Before You Try [Video]

Summer is here and all the humidity and heat that comes with it. While our garden hoses can quickly quench our thirst, have you ever stopped to ask the question: is hose water safe to drink? For many of us, summer (since we were children) has always included an occasional drink from the hose while watering the garden or during

4 Water Inspection Measures to Protect Your Home

Do you know what’s in your water and how it could be impacting your health and home? While many assume tap water is simply a collection of H2O molecules, many municipal sources supply a cocktail of minerals, chemicals, microscopic contaminants, and pharmaceutical runoff directly to your tap.  Thankfully, water inspection methods are available to keep you informed and help you

Is Tap Water in Maryland Safe To Drink or Not? 3 Solutions for Greater Peace of Mind!

Recent water quality issues such as the Flint, Michigan water contamination and the ongoing lead in Baltimore City School’s drinking water have caused many of us to think twice before we drink what comes out of our faucets. Such stories and others like it should leave us pondering whether we have an adequate answer to the question: is tap water

Montgomery County, MD Water Quality- 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Have you ever wondered what’s in the water that comes out of your faucet? Is it just water? Does it contain anything else? And what impacts the quality of the water? Is tap water in Maryland safe to drink? Generally speaking, the factors which influence Montgomery County MD water quality are no different than what you may find regardless of