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The 7 Critical Parts of a Water Heater Homeowners Must Know [Video]

Access to hot water, whether for hand washing, showering or doing the laundry, has become an essential part of everyday living. It’s therefore necessary to keep your water heater in good working order at all times. To do so, you should have a basic knowledge of the key parts of a water heater. (You should also keep a water heater

Hot Water Not Working – 7-Step Electric Water Heater Element Testing Guide [Video]

There you are. You’ve turned on the hot water, and you wait for a few seconds, and nothing happens. What can you do? While hot water not working is a pain, diagnosing the issue and even fixing it does not necessarily require a plumber (though we are here for you if you need us). Read on or click the video

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work – 3 Basic Benefits and Myths [Video]

Ever heard of a tankless water heater? Watch out! It’s coming all across America! So, how does a tankless water heater work? Keep reading or click the video below about tankless water heaters: the benefits, what to keep in mind when converting, and whether or not it’s worth having one for your home. How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Quick DIY: How to Reset Electric Water Heater With Electric Water Heater Reset Button [Video]

Although wellness gurus extol the virtues of cold water immersion, we prefer our showers nice and warm. And nothing puts a damper on a morning shower like the hot water running out.  While there are many potential reasons you could lose hot water, a common culprit is when your hot water heater is tripped. A simple fix a homeowner can

Chimney Venting Requirements: Does My Chimney Need To Be Relined?

If you own a home older than 30 years old, you may be required by state law to reline your chimney (check with your jurisdictional code authority regarding local chimney venting requirements). Several decades ago, chimneys were crucial to how the home functioned. Appliances such as your furnace, fireplace, and water heater produced a large volume of heat and gasses

The Essential Water Heater Maintenance Checklist

Your water heater is one of the most important yet overlooked appliances in your home. Having a water heater maintenance checklist in place is therefore essential to promoting its longevity—while protecting yourself from an unneeded emergency. Although water heaters are unseen daily necessities for showering, washing dishes, and cleaning clothes, many take them for granted and neglect regular maintenance. But

How To Light a Pilot Light on a Water Heater: Home Maintenance Tips 101 [Video]

If your showers have suddenly lost their steam and you have a gas water heater, your water heater’s pilot light may have gone out. If this is the case, not to worry! Learning how to light a pilot light on a water heater is not as complicated as you may think. Below you will find both video content and written

How to Drain a Water Heater: 6 Easy Steps [Video]

Is your shower getting cut short because you are running out of hot water faster than before? Does your water take a long time to heat up? Are your energy bills increasing with the same amount of use? You could be past due for some basic water heater maintenance. Taking the time to learn how to drain a water heater

What Is an Atmospheric Water Heater? A Quick Guide [Video]

To properly answer the question “what is an atmospheric water heater,” we need to cover the basics first. Natural gas is readily available in most homes and is a cheap source of energy. If your house runs on natural gas, it’s likely you have an atmospheric gas water heater, or what some call an atmospheric vent water heater. But how