Plumbing Fixture Life Expectancy Guide

By Mengning Heil

March 18, 2022

Plumbing Tips

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Is It Time To Replace Your Plumbing Fixtures?

Since your pipes, fixtures, and water-related appliances are the lifeblood of your house, and dependable water is vital to a clean home, you ought to keep track of the age and condition of all major plumbing appliances and components.

Is it time to replace your plumbing fixtures? Check out our plumbing fixture life expectancy table below.

Plumbing Fixture Life Expectancy

Plumbing Fixture Life Expectancy Table

Low-quality factors* lifespan High-quality factors* lifespan Best-case scenario* lifespan
*Low-quality product,
poor water quality,
environmental factors,
high usage
*High-quality product,
good water quality,
proper maintenance
Normal usage
*Best product
Best water quality
Proper maintenance
Normal Usage
Water service line
(based on material)
Copper40 Yrs60 Yrs80 Yrs
Polyethylene 160 psi20 Yrs40 Yrs50 Yrs
Polyethylene 250 psi40 Yrs70 Yrs80 Yrs
Sewer line
(based on material)
Terracotta40 Yrs60 Yrs
Cast iron40 Yrs70 Yrs
PVC50 Yrs80 Yrs
Interior water pipes
(based on material)
Galvanized40 Yrs50 Yrs60 Yrs
Polybutylene10 Yrs20 Yrs30 Yrs
Copper30 Yrs70 Yrs80 Yrs
CPVC30 Yrs50 Yrs60 Yrs
PEX40 Yrs70 Yrs80 Yrs
Water heater
(based on type)
Electric tank10 Yrs12 Yrs20 Yrs
Gas tank10 Yrs12 Yrs20 Yrs
Tankless10 Yrs15 Yrs25 Yrs
Main shut-off valve20 Yrs
Pressure reducing valve20 Yrs25 Yrs
Supply valves and tubes5 Yrs10 Yrs20 Yrs
Toilet10 Yrs20 Yrs50 Yrs
Faucet10 Yrs20 Yrs50 Yrs
Sump pump6 Yrs10 Yrs20 Yrs
Ejector pump6 Yrs10 Yrs20 Yrs

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