How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet 101 [Video]

By Mengning Heil

October 8, 2021

Faucet Repair and Installation

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Seeking advice on how to choose a kitchen faucet or how to choose a bathroom faucet? Faucets are simply not one-size-fits-all.

You may be unsure whether your sink needs a 1 hole vs 3 hole faucet or a 4 inch vs 8 inch faucet? There is also the functionality and appearance of the faucet to consider. Do you want a detachable sprayer to rinse out your sink more easily? A chrome finish or fancy polished brass? Finally, what brands are the most reliable anyway?

Though questions may abound when deciding on a new faucet, we have you covered! Watch the short video below or simply keep on reading for tips on choosing both the right mounting type and the right features for your sink.

Whether you are needing advice on how to choose a kitchen faucet or how to choose a bathroom faucet, identifying the specs should always be your first consideration.

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

1 Hole vs 3 Hole Faucet

Does your kitchen sink have 3 holes or 1 hole for a faucet?

  1. Look underneath your sink to determine how many holes it has cut out for a faucet. Older homes often still have three holes in the sink for both the hot and cold water, but now most standard faucets are single handle.
  2. Keep in mind, a three hole faucet will not fit in a single hole sink, but a single hole faucet can fit in a 3 hole sink if you cover the additional holes with a deck plate and/or a soap dispenser.

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet

how to choose a kitchen faucet
chrome faucet

4 Inch vs 8 Inch Faucet

How spaced out are the handles of your bathroom faucet? If in doubt, use a measuring tape, to be sure.

  1. 8 inch spread: Most master bathrooms will typically have an 8 inch spread which just means the hot and cold handles are 8 inches apart. 
  2. 4 inch spread: More commonly in a standard powder room you’ll find faucets with a 4 inch spread between the hot and cold handles. You can choose a faucet that has one or two handles. 
  3. Single hole: Finally we have a single handle faucet where the entire faucet fits in only one hole in the sink. This option is found in most updated homes. 

Choose Reliable Brands for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

  1. Check the reviews. Once you find a faucet you like, just hop on the website or app of the store you are in to see how well it stacks up in the reviews. We’ve actually found them to be pretty reliable! 
  2. Make sure replacement parts are easily available. Even the most reliable brands will need to be repaired. Most plumbers prefer Moen, Kohler and Delta so they typically keep the parts from these brands on hand. Try to stick to one of those brands to make repairs a bit easier in the future. 

Choose the Style 

Now the fun part! A faucet with the right features and a little bit of style can really jazz up your space.  Choose a kitchen sink with a sprayer to make cleaning the dishes a bit easier or a brushed nickel, high neck faucet for an elegant look. Most plumbers will carry faucets with a silver chrome or matte finish but if you want something a little more fancy or with a particular finish you can search online to find more options.

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