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Sink Clog Emergency – How Much Does a Plumber Cost to Unclog a Drain [Video]

Your drain is clogged and your natural at-home remedies aren’t working. You’re in need of a plumber. So, you find yourself asking the question: how much does a plumber cost to unclog a drain. A basic search could give you a range of estimates, but here’s an example of why a plumber may charge $1,600 to unclog an old drain.

Is Hose Water Safe To Drink – Quick Check Before You Try [Video]

Summer is here and all the humidity and heat that comes with it. While our garden hoses can quickly quench our thirst, have you ever stopped to ask the question: is hose water safe to drink? For many of us, summer (since we were children) has always included an occasional drink from the hose while watering the garden or during

Adorable, Sewing Machine Sink – 4-Step DIY [Video]

Have you ever seen a sewing machine sink and wanted to replicate it for your home? You can literally turn anything into a sink cabinet! We took this old sewing machine table and turned it into our bathroom sink. For this easy DIY project that leaves you with a custom sink, follow or click on video below for these four

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work – 3 Basic Benefits and Myths [Video]

Ever heard of a tankless water heater? Watch out! It’s coming all across America! So, how does a tankless water heater work? Keep reading or click the video below about tankless water heaters: the benefits, what to keep in mind when converting, and whether or not it’s worth having one for your home. How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Easy Toilet Dye Test – How To Know if Your Toilet Is Running

Today, we’re going to show you how to perform a toilet dye test to know if your toilet is running when it shouldn’t be. How To Know if Your Toilet Is Running In some cases, you may be able to hear the sound of the toilet running. This is the sound of water leaking from the tank, where the water

Adjusting Your Trip-lever Drain Stopper – ​​Why Your ​​Tub Doesn’t Hold Water and 5 Simple Steps To Fix It

Welcome to part six of our Leak Inspection and Repair Blog Series, exploring bathroom leakage causes and solutions. This article focuses on how to fix a bathtub waste drain stopper when your tub doesn’t hold water. Have you noticed the water level in your bathtub is decreasing even after you plug the drain? If your tub doesn’t hold water, it’s

How To Use a Snake to Clear a Shower Drain: 8 Easy Steps [Video]

Today, we will be showing you how to use a snake to clear a shower drain.  Click on the video, follow the steps outlined in the blog below the video, or use both to learn more.  Homeowners will often call us and complain about water backing up and creating a pool while they shower. Since most shower drain clogs are

Quick DIY: How to Reset Electric Water Heater With Electric Water Heater Reset Button [Video]

Although wellness gurus extol the virtues of cold water immersion, we prefer our showers nice and warm. And nothing puts a damper on a morning shower like the hot water running out.  While there are many potential reasons you could lose hot water, a common culprit is when your hot water heater is tripped. A simple fix a homeowner can

Convert Your Toilet to a Throne: How to Install a Bidet Toilet Seat [Video]

Today, we’re going to learn how to install a bidet toilet seat. Let’s focus particularly on how to connect a bidet attachment to your water supply.  Click on the video, follow the steps outlined in the blog below the video, or use both to learn more. I want to focus on this particular aspect because connecting the plumbing can be the