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How To Light a Pilot Light on a Water Heater: Home Maintenance Tips 101 [Video]

If your showers have suddenly lost their steam and you have a gas water heater, your water heater’s pilot light may have gone out. If this is the case, not to worry! Learning how to light a pilot light on a water heater is not as complicated as you may think. Below you will find both video content and written

How to Replace Wax Ring on Toilet – A Simple 6 Step Plumbing Tutorial

Have you noticed that you have a toilet leaking from the bottom? Don’t panic! There are a few ways to figure out where the leak is coming from. And, in the process, you may discover that you need to learn how to replace a wax ring on a toilet. It might sound intimidating but don’t worry, we’ll walk you through

Toilet Won’t Flush? 5 Common Culprits and 5 Easy Fixes

Why Won’t My Toilet Flush? When your toilet won’t flush, it is never convenient. Whether you are dealing with a clogged toilet or trying to figure out why your toilet won’t flush properly, we’re going to address those issues below so that you can get back to what matters most to you! Here are the 5 most common culprits when

Is My House Haunted? 3 Frightening Noises Your Plumbing May Be Making

Is My House Haunted? Does it ever sound like your house is haunted? Do you hear knocks in your wall, screeching in the night, and phantom flushes at random moments? It could be the case of spooooooky plumbing! Here are the three types of sounds your plumbing might make and why they could be happening. A Knocking Noise in the

How to Drain a Water Heater: 6 Easy Steps [Video]

Is your shower getting cut short because you are running out of hot water faster than before? Does your water take a long time to heat up? Are your energy bills increasing with the same amount of use? You could be past due for some basic water heater maintenance. Taking the time to learn how to drain a water heater

Toilet Flapper Leaking? 8 Steps to an Easy Fix [Video]

If you have ever heard a toilet “flush by itself”, it is not a ghost. But, it may be an indicator that you have a toilet flapper leaking and that it’s time for a replacement. Also known as “phantom flushes,” these unnerving occurrences are actually just your tank refilling. Luckily for you, fixing a phantom flush is one of the

How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet 101 [Video]

Seeking advice on how to choose a kitchen faucet or how to choose a bathroom faucet? Faucets are simply not one-size-fits-all. You may be unsure whether your sink needs a 1 hole vs 3 hole faucet or a 4 inch vs 8 inch faucet? There is also the functionality and appearance of the faucet to consider. Do you want a

What Is an Atmospheric Water Heater? A Quick Guide [Video]

To properly answer the question “what is an atmospheric water heater,” we need to cover the basics first. Natural gas is readily available in most homes and is a cheap source of energy. If your house runs on natural gas, it’s likely you have an atmospheric gas water heater, or what some call an atmospheric vent water heater. But how

Emergency Water Shut Off and the 80/20 Rule [Video]

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare – a pipe burst and started flooding your house. Amidst the watery chaos, you scramble to stop the deluge from ruining your floors, ceiling, and dining room table. Sometimes the source of the leak is unknown, the closest emergency water shut off is a mystery, or you just need to act fast. In those moments, it’s