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Is My House Haunted? 3 Frightening Noises Your Plumbing May Be Making

Is My House Haunted? Does it ever sound like your house is haunted? Do you hear knocks in your wall, screeching in the night, and phantom flushes at random moments? It could be the case of spooooooky plumbing! Here are the three types of sounds your plumbing might make and why they could be happening. A Knocking Noise in the

Emergency Water Shut Off and the 80/20 Rule [Video]

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare – a pipe burst and started flooding your house. Amidst the watery chaos, you scramble to stop the deluge from ruining your floors, ceiling, and dining room table. Sometimes the source of the leak is unknown, the closest emergency water shut off is a mystery, or you just need to act fast. In those moments, it’s