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Water Heater Repair and Installation Services in Rockville, MD and Montgomery County

At Heil Plumbing DMV, we provide water heater repair services in Rockville, MD and across Montgomery County. If you need to repair, replace or install a water heater, trust our licensed plumbers to do the job right! Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in your home, supplying you with the hot water you and your family need for comfort and cleanliness. 

We have extensive experience working with gas and electric water heaters. Let us help you answer all of your water heater questions:

  • Do I need water heater repair services?
  • Is it time to replace my water heater?
  • How do I choose a water heater?

Do I Need Water Heater Repair Services?

Don’t get caught cold with a faulty water heater. If the temperature of the water coming out of your tap or faucet is scalding hot, lukewarm, or inconsistent, have one of our professionals properly diagnose the issue. Whether its replacing a faulty thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve or dip tube our techs are top in the industry. Contact us to learn more about our water heater repair services!

Is It Time To Replace My Water Heater?

There comes a day when every water heater needs to be replaced. A standard water heater will function well for 10-15 years. You can check the product sticker to see how old your water heater is. If your water heater is pushing 12 years or older, we highly recommend you consider replacing the unit. Rust is also a sign that the heater’s storage tank is beginning to deteriorate. An old water heater poses a risk to your house because it is liable to leak and cause a flood. Avoid water damage to your basement and property by scheduling your water heater replacement before it turns into an emergency. Call us to learn more about our water heater installation services.

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How Do I Choose a Water Heater?

Trying to decide what type of water heater you need? There are many options to weigh depending on your needs. Heil Plumbing’s knowledgeable and friendly staff can help guide you through the process of choosing a water heater. Here are some things to consider.

Type of fuel
Water heaters run on different energy sources depending on what's available in the house. Does your home run on natural gas, propane or electricity? Typically gas water heaters that use natural gas or propane are the most effective at heating water. Gas water heaters also cost less to run.

Do you have enough hot water for your family’s needs? Do you frequently find yourself running out of hot water when you take a shower or run a bath? You may want to consider a water heater with a higher output. Another option is to install a mixing valve that will give you a higher volume of hot water per minute. Moreover, a tankless water heater can offer an essentially endless supply of hot water.

Spacing can restrict the type of water heater that can be installed. How much space do you have in the water heater area? Most homes in Maryland have the water heater installed in the basement. However, where space is limited, lowboy water heaters are located in a closet or crawlspace.

Gas water heaters
Specifically require proper ventilation because of the exhaust fumes. Gas water heaters have two different kinds of ventilation options depending on where your water heater is located. An atmospheric water heater is vented through a vertical pipe or a chimney. A power vent water heater has a fan that helps push exhaust gases through a horizontal pipe that leads out of your home. Let Heil Plumbing help you figure out what kind of water heater you need.

Energy efficiency
Would you like to save on your energy bill? Is going green important to you? New energy-efficient heaters can reduce your power consumption. Alternatively, hybrid water heaters, also known as heat pump water heaters, use the warm air surrounding the unit to heat the water in combination with using electricity. Therefore, hybrid heaters save the most energy in warm climate places. In Maryland, the cost and energy savings are best in the summer when it's hot.

At Heil Plumbing, we have the experience and expertise to recommend the ideal type of water heater for your home, family and budget. We are family-owned and -operated and are truly dedicated to delivering reliable water heater services to the community. For all of your plumbing needs, choose Heil Plumbing.

Live in Rockville, MD? Our offices are close by! Contact us to learn more about our water heater installation & repair in Rockville, MD.


At Heil Plumbing DMV, we are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship with caring service. Our team has the highest level of experience and knowledge. Let us take care of your home. Home, where it matters most.

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Reviews By Clients
Jacob is amazing! My 80 gal hot water heater was 18.5 years old (still working) and Jacob came out to discuss options to replace it as well as described the changes in technology and installation requirements since I had the last one installed. We agreed on a model, but given my work schedule and the upcoming holidays installing would have to be done probably after the new year. Jacob contacted the warehouse to find out if the water heater was in stock, then called the scheduler and worked it out that he would come back after his remaining calls were done for the day and install it the same night (after 6pm and pouring rain outside)!! He is very professional and very knowledgeable, explaining things as he worked and he answered all of my many questions with patience. When he finished and cleaned up everything, he asked about other issues I may be having that I may want looked at while he was there (and this is late at night now). Never felt like he was rushing to get the job done to get out quickly. He wore a mask and shoe coverings the entire time. He treated my house with care, especially when hauling the old 80 gal hot water heater up from the basement through a narrow stairwell. Service like this is very hard to find these days. It is evident he loves what he does. I highly recommend Jacob.
Brett G.
Brett G.
11:46 23 Dec 22
Great work knowledgeable come in placed floor runners cleaned up after work was completed replaced water pressure valve and water heater in an reasonable time and brings system up to new county codes
James B.
James B.
21:48 01 Nov 22
Jacob came out to do an estimate a week ago and I was very impressed with how thorough he was in both evaluating the setup and explaining to me what he needed to do. He was polite and easy to talk to. When he left I felt very confident in booking a water heater replacement.The replacement was also fantastic. He took great care of my house as he moved things in and out. I really appreciated how he explained what he was doing and what I needed to do to maximize the lifespan of my new water heater. He even made a point to explain what the relevant codes were and what an inspector might look for.The new installation looks great. I will absolutely be a repeat customer.
Jordan G.
Jordan G.
17:06 26 Oct 22
Great experience using Heil Plumbing DMV. Mr. Marvin Chaney reinstalled my water heater that had been botched by another company. He explained what needed to be done, was pleasant, and cleaned up after the job. This company is my choice for all future plumbing.
L C.
L C.
14:19 20 Oct 22
Marvin installed a new water heater for me. He answered all of my questions and provided excellent service from the project quote to cleanup. Very professional. So generous with his knowledge and advice. Will definitely use Heil Plumbing again!
MaryAnn L.
MaryAnn L.
15:40 15 Aug 22
We had a great experience with Heil Plumbing today. Our tech, Jacob, was punctual, very transparent about the pricing, offered explanations if I wanted to know what tasks he was doing, and was very willing to stick around and look at additional areas of concern. We discovered that both toilets needed minor repairs and we got a discount since he was already on-site. We also got a quote for a water heater replacement and will definitely be utilizing Heil Plumbing for that task, when we're ready to move forward. Highly recommend Jacob as a tech and Heil Plumbing overall!
Victoria T.
Victoria T.
19:53 03 Aug 22
I am a Customer with Heil Plumbing from past 3 years. I had called up Heil plumbing on a water heater issue which was installed last year. They were prompt,...
Abhishek C.
Abhishek C.
08:12 03 Apr 22
Great experience overall for an electric tank water heater replacement. Very responsive via email and phone during the scheduling process. They advised on...
Joseph C.
Joseph C.
12:53 19 Jan 22
Started getting info for a water heater replacement on Tuesday night. It's now Friday afternoon and it's already installed. I cannot say enough positive...
Pf N.
Pf N.
11:11 02 Apr 21
Heil just replaced our hot water heater, and I'm very pleased with their professionalism and ability to get the job done without delay. Very responsive,...
Mark B.
Mark B.
12:30 18 Nov 20
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