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Toilet Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Rockville, MD and Montgomery County

Toilets are the one of the most important fixtures in your home’s plumbing system. A typical toilet that is used properly and built well can last 20-30 years. However, as your toilet gets older a number of problems can arise. You can count on our qualified, licensed plumbers to fix, replace and install your toilet. Call us if you’re having trouble with any of the following problems:

Clogged toilet: Did you flush something down the toilet that you shouldn’t have? Or is there a more serious problem down the drain line? Our plumbers can help you figure out why waste isn’t flushing down.

Your toilet has low pressure, loud noises, fills slowly or constantly runs. The tank of your toilet contains the flush valve, fill valve, flapper and float. The Heil Plumbing team are experts that can investigate, diagnose and resolve any issues you may have.

Leak from the toilet: A faulty wax ring, improper installation, poor tank-to-bowl connection or a broken flange can cause the water in the toilet to leak. Leaks that are not repaired in a timely manner can rot out the floor. Prevent a worsening situation by getting the leak fixed today.

Rocking: A toilet that was improperly installed or has a faulty flange can cause the toilet to be unstable. Over time this instability can cause leaks that you want to avoid.

Under certain circumstances it may be more cost effective and prudent to replace your entire toilet instead of repair a future liability. Our professional plumbers will equip you to make the best decision for your home and family. Contact us to learn more about our toilet installation & repair services. 

How Do I Choose a Toilet?

Trying to decide what kind of toilet you need? There are a few options you consider when choosing a new toilet. The Heil Plumbing team would be happy to guide you through the process. Here are some things to consider:

Height of the toilet
Most toilets come in two heights: standard height and comfort height. The seats of standard height toilets are around 14” to 15” off the ground. The seats of comfort height toilets are around 17” off the ground. Comfort height toilets are also known as ADA height toilets and handicap toilets. They are great for individuals who are taller or need assistance standing up.

Length of the toilet
Toilets installed in older or smaller homes often have round front toilets. These toilet seats are closer to the shape of a circle. Round front toilets are necessary where space is tight. Most homes now can accommodate elongated front toilets. Elongated front toilets are more comfortable.

Flushing power
A standard toilet relies on gravity to pull the water from the tank to the bowl. This is called a gravity flush toilet. If you would like more flushing power you can choose a “power flush” toilet. Power flush toilets have a pressure tank that gives the water an extra boost as it descends into the bowl.

Water usage and environmental impact: Toilet technology continues to improve water usage in toilets. Old toilets before 1992 often used 3 to 7 gallons per flush. Nowadays regular toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush. If you want to further reduce your water usage, consider a high efficiency toilet. A high efficiency toilet can cut water down to 1.1 or 1.28 gallons per flush.

Style: Toilets come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. A one piece toilet, where the toilet tank and bowl are fused together into one piece, can be easier to clean. Wall mounted toilets hide the tank altogether. The options are endless.

Still need help? Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our toilet installation and repair services.

Toilet Installation Repair

At Heil Plumbing DMV, we are committed to delivering exceptional workmanship with caring service. Our team has the highest level of experience and knowledge. Let us take care of your home. Home, where it matters most.

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Reviews By Clients
I had a toilet with a tank that wouldn't stay filled up so there was a leak I couldn't find. Marvin showed up promptly and saw the flapper was defective even though I had just replaced it. He gave me an estimate to replace that and I agreed so he started the work. After replacing the flapper, it was still leaking so he did further diagnosing and saw the tank was not tight. I also had him look at my back house bib. He determined what needed to be done for both issues, did not charge me for the initial fix since that didn't resolve the issue and gave me new estimates for the work. I accepted and he went to work on both issues. He was thorough, professional, very pleasant to talk to, and took the time to explain things to me. Very happy with his work and my experience with Heil Plumbing. Thank you Marvin!
Louis C.
Louis C.
15:57 17 Nov 22
We’ve used Heil for two jobs at our home, a garbage disposal repair and a toilet repair. Both times it was incredibly easy to schedule an appointment and they came quite quickly. Jacob is the best technician you could ask for. He’s thorough, meticulous, and extremely knowledgeable. He’s also just a friendly and thoughtful guy. Explained everything he was doing and made sure I was as involved as I wanted to be. Highly recommend him and Heil.
Patrick D.
Patrick D.
15:34 17 Nov 22
Jacob came to repair the toilet but he found out that there are bigger issues with the floor and he insisted that we can’t go ahead without fixing the floor. His advice was very good, I can imagine that another person would have proceeded without warning us about bigger issues. He made a temporary fix, and did not charge much for that. I will call him back after fixing the floor.
Aghassi M.
Aghassi M.
22:43 11 Nov 22
Been having a leak from the upstairs bathroom which has ruined the ceiling over and over after multiple plumbers had said issues were fixed. Came in and did hours of throughout inspection running infrared testing of pipes, floor, and ceiling. Found multiple leaks, with water seeping through floor around toilet, piping through floor, under the sink and bathtub seals. Resealed tub, reset toilet and repaired flooring, fixed sink. Was very courteous, professional, took pride in work. Went step-by-step of what was found, and what needs to be done to fix issues.
jacob C.
jacob C.
18:47 21 Oct 22
Jacob did an amazing job replacing the toilet flushing kit. It was quick and professionally done. Couldn’t even tell than he had been to our place. Everything looked clean and tidy after his work was done. Appreciate the wonderful service!
21:18 13 Oct 22
We had a great experience with Heil Plumbing today. Our tech, Jacob, was punctual, very transparent about the pricing, offered explanations if I wanted to know what tasks he was doing, and was very willing to stick around and look at additional areas of concern. We discovered that both toilets needed minor repairs and we got a discount since he was already on-site. We also got a quote for a water heater replacement and will definitely be utilizing Heil Plumbing for that task, when we're ready to move forward. Highly recommend Jacob as a tech and Heil Plumbing overall!
Victoria T.
Victoria T.
19:53 03 Aug 22
Marvin is a highly professional and intelligent individual who quickly identifies and assess what was needed to effectively install the new toilet. He did an excellent job and will not hesitate to use him again. A job extremely well done!
FKYEE88 8.
FKYEE88 8.
16:29 01 Aug 22
Jacob’s work is excellent. He offered to provide us with 2nd opinions on work suggested & adjusted a chain on one toilet because he had some time remaining in his appointment time.This was my 2nd positive experience with Heil, and will use again.
Ann H.
Ann H.
17:52 29 Jul 22
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